Save your pet from the stress of seeing multiple vets

Book your pets in for a check up with Albion Veterinary Clinic, and your pet will usually be seen by the same vet every time.

A vet who knows your pet won’t just be working from a clinical note description, they will be working with a thorough knowledge of your pet’s medical history.

Albion Veterinary Clinic's veterinary surgeon, John Barnes M.R.C.V.S. has over 25 years of experience working with a wide range of pets. We cater for animals ranging from cats and dogs to reptiles and rabbits.

We also offer a wide range of procedures including neutering, microchipping, worming, x-ray and ultrasound. Our clinic has full laboratory facilities so everything can be done during your visit.

As well as cats and dogs, our vet provides for:

  •     Rabbits
  •     Birds
  •     Tortoises
  •     Ferrets
  •     Exotic Animals

Albion Veterinary Clinic offers:

  •     Full surgical procedures
  •     Fully monitored anaesthesia
  •     X-rays
  •     Ultra sound
  •     On-site blood testing
  •     Hospitalisation
  •     Full laboratory facilities
  •     Routine animal dentistry operations
  •     Neutering
  •     Microchipping
  •     Weight control clinic
  •     Vaccinations  
  •     Worming
  •     Pet passports

Veterinary surgeon - Leicester, Wigston - Albion Veterinary Clinic - Lizard
Bring your pet to a Veterinary Clinic with modern facilities. Call us on
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